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Welcome to OKUKAN!

We are a modern Japanese martial arts school of Karate-Do (Shitoryu/Shitokai), based in Melbourne.

Our mainstream karate school closely adheres to global style-guides provided by Shitokai-WSKF, led by Kancho, Master Genzo Iwata (son of Master Manzo Iwata).

OKUKAN full-time karate Dojo offers you high quality Japanese karate instruction, six days a week.

Our karate dojo is custom-fit, safe and open full-time, year round.

Dojo founder, Sensei Sandra Contreras, delivers adult and children’s classes, and is committed to making Karate available to all ages.

OKUKAN has affiliation to the World Karate Federation via its Australian representative, the Australian Karate Federation (AKF).

Sensei Sandra is a member of the World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation – Shitokai. This ensures our students learn in sync with international standards, while they keep abreast of latest developments and trends.

Adult Karate

A karate program in Melbourne just for Grownups! Delivered five nights a week by Head, Sensei Sandra Contreras.

OKUKAN adult classes cater to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. It is possible to accelerate learning if that is something you are looking for. Unlimited training is an option.

If you have never done martial arts, it’s ok! Our adult martial arts classes require no previous karate experience. Sensei Sandra delivers continuously Monday to Friday throughout the year.

The first few karate lessons will give you and opportunity to get a feel for in-Dojo training. You will learn basic Karate techniques in the first few classes as well as your first form (KATA). Classes will introduce you to safe combat practice and basic self-defence, and will give you an opportunity to learn generic martial arts principles, as well as some karate terminology.

If you have martial arts experience or have attained a rank equivalent to black belt, that’s ok too! Our adult classes will allow you to understand the differences (and similarities) between your martial art and Shito-Ryu Karate. In the process of deepening your understanding, you will also be able to technically reshape, to show a level of expertise in Shito-Ryu Karate-Do.

While places are available

Adult Summer Special

2 week trial!

Kids Karate

OKUKAN Dojo delivers top notch children’s karate programs.

Our kids karate classes are delivered by Head and Founder, Sensei Sandra, ensuring your child receives the best quality karate instruction.

Sensei Sandra ensures that spirit, discipline and technique carry through from age 4 -always with a healthy splash of fun.

Children learn strong Shitokai foundations in our Dojo. It is known the world-over that Shito-Ryu Karate is of incredible standing in international Kata championships.

We give equal weight to the learning and practice of sparring (Kumite) from a relatively young age (6).

Training with us gives children a level of expertise in blocks, attacks, breathing, speed and power, body movement and shift, precision, reaction, readiness, rhythm, timing, concentration, sight, accuracy, and balance.

We deliver Karate classes for kids every week, to help your children keep up their regular training (yes, we have Karate classes during school holidays!). Enrolments are always open. Class sizes are restricted.

Book a trial lesson to get started…

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Karate for Teenagers

Our karate classes for teens are the highest quality, and are delivered five days a week in our full-time private Dojo.

Teenagers who take up karate as a sport at OKUKAN with Sensei Sandra learn quickly. Unlimited training is on offer, so teens can train up to five nights a week to fast-track their progress. We offer flexible training for teens, so they can train around their school and work commitments as needed.

Learn karate close to home!

That’s right, we’re in central Coburg, in just about the best spot. Cycle, tram or train it to us after school. If you arrive early, warm up and practice in our warm-up room.

karate warmup side stretch

Kindy Karate Classes

OKUKAN dojo is home to the locally sought after Kindy Karate program.

Sensei Sandra teaches the classes for 4, 5 and 6 year olds. This program provides children with the opportunity to learn ‘real’ karate, in structured classes.

Kids learn how to adjust to a structured class and will work hard for it’s duration. But let’s not forget…learning new things is fun!

Book a trial here, or head on over to Kindy Karate to learn more.


Our sport facility is served by public transport and is connected to safe cycle paths to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Shito-Ryu Karate-Do

We teach authentic Shito-Ryu Karate-Do. This is one of the four main styles of Karate in Japan. This major style was originally founded by Master Kenwa Mabuni and is strongly endorsed by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

There are more than 50 styles of karate in Japan. During the early 1990’s, Japan leadership selected four of these styles to provide worldwide leadership in competitive sport. Until very recently, competitors could only perform ‘Kata’ from these four styles in mainstream Karate tournaments. These styles were Shotokan, Gojyuryu, Wadoryu, and the style we practice at OKUKAN: Shitoryu.

Master Kenwa Mabuni devised Shito-Ryu in the early 1900’s from a combination of the teachings of Master Anko Itosu and Master Kanryo Higaonna, two Okinawan masters from the eighteen hundreds of disparate stylistic tradition (i.e. the former thought to be fast and straight, the latter round and ‘hard-soft’). Fast-forward a century and Karate participates as an Olympic sport at TOKYO 2020 (2021) and BRISBANE 2032. There, Shito-Ryu Kata were dominant in medal bouts.

Shitokai promotes a very practical Karate style. Movements tend to be short and swift, demanding only the right amount of effort. Broadly speaking, training sessions consist of a combination of Kihon (basics), self-defense (Ippon Kumite), Kata (form) and Kumite (free sparring). Our martial arts school has a challenging Karate syllabus that includes over 50 forms and an endless number of effective drills. So the Shitokai curriculum contemplates the major aspects of empty-hand fighting.

Japanese tradition and the warrior culture influence our classes heavily. Students develop an appreciation of ethics. ‘Dojo Kun’ and ‘Shitoryu Five Way Spirit’ are pivotal to understanding the code of conduct that frames Shitokai.

📣 Check out the World Shitoryu Karate-do Federation Official Youtube channel. It is an incredible resource for Shitoryu karate students. Video tutorials are uploaded regularly, so subscribe!

Karate warmup exercise at OKUKAN dojo in coburg
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