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OKUKAN is a modern Japanese martial arts school of karate-Do, based in Melbourne.

OKUKAN teaches the authentic Shitoryu style of karate, as originally founded by Master Kenwa Mabuni and later endorsed by the World Karate Federation (WKF), with high quality instruction and affiliation to mainstream peak bodies.

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Karate Classes for Adults

Karate for Grownups

Suitable for beginners • advanced

OKUKAN adult students receive high quality karate instruction.

Our adult martial arts classes require no previous karate experience, and are delivered by Sensei Sandra continuously throughout the year.

The first few karate lessons will introduce you straight into effective combat moves for self-defence and will give you an opportunity to learn generic martial arts drills, as well as fundamental karate principles. 

Kids Karate Classes

Kids Karate Programs

OKUKAN delivers top notch children’s karate programs.

Children in our DOJO learn strong foundations of Japanese Shitoryu karate and are taught every week for regular and sustained training (yes, our karate classes are delivered during school holidays!).

Beginner karate classes for children are delivered by age and level, and our karate class numbers are restricted.

Sensei Sandra ensures spirit, discipline and technique carries through from age 4 -with a splash of fun.

  Why OKUKAN Karate?

Sensei Sandra is committed to delivering the best possible karate instruction, and a safe form of martial art that caters to all ages.

  • Our form of karate is government recognised in Australia.
  • Our form of karate is internationally endorsed by the International Olympic Committee.
  • OKUKAN is affiliated to the World Karate Federation via its Australian representative.
  • This affiliation ensures our students learn modern martial arts that comply with international standards, and karate’s latest developments and trends.
Our sport facility is served by public transport and is connected to safe cycle paths to help reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our Karate Style

OKUKAN delivers the mainstream Shitoryu style of karate-do, which is one of the four main styles of karate in Japan. 

We are a traditionalist mainstream school that proudly follows the global style guidelines provided by the Shitoryu/Shitokai headquarters in Japan.

Our martial arts school has a challenging karate syllabus that includes over 50 forms and a large number of useful drills.

Classes in our school are strongly influenced by generic Japanese approaches to oriental disciplines, such as Buddhism and the warrior culture.

Sparring and self defence

Shitoryu is a very practical karate style: movements tend to be short and swift, demanding only the right amount of effort. Broadly speaking, training sessions consist of a combination of self-defense, form and sparring. You can opt-out of sparring if preferred.

Shitoryu curriculum contemplates the major aspects of empty hand fighting.

Training Shitoryu will give students a level of expertise in blocks, attacks, breathing, speed and power, body movement and shift, precision, readiness, rhythm, timing, concentration, sight, accuracy, and balance.

The learning of these aspects is evidenced in: kata (pattern; bunkai (self-defense application); kihon (form practice); kumite (sparring).

In addition, students develop an appreciation of ethics. ‘Dojo Kun’ and ‘Shitoryu Five Way Spirit’ are pivotal to understanding the code of conduct that frames Shitoryu.

Shitory karate classes

A little bit of history about Shitoryu karate:

There are more than 50 styles of karate in Japan.

During the 1990’s four of these styles were selected in Japan to provide worldwide leadership in competitive sport.

Until very recently, competitors could only perform ‘kata’ from these four styles in mainstream Karatedo tournaments. These styles are Shotokan, Gojyuryu, Wadoryu, and the style we practice at OKUKAN: Shitoryu.

Shitoryu was devised by Master Kenwa Mabuni in the early 1900’s from a combination of the teachings of Master Itosu and Master Higaonna, two Okinawan masters from the eighteen hundreds. Fast-forward a century and Karate participates as an Olympic sport at TOKYO 2020 (2021). There, Shitoryu Kata were dominant in medal bouts.

Shitory Karate basic warmup movement
Check out our animated karateka!