7 April 2021

Kids Karate Classes

Children’s martial arts lessons continue during the school holidays. All classes are delivered in the DOJO weekly. Our karate classes are not delivered on public holidays.

30 March 2021

Good news: Sensei is delivering classes as normal on Saturday 3 April for Easter!

30 March 2021

No classes Friday 2 April & Monday 5 April (Easter public holidays)

5 March 2021

No classes Monday 8 March (public holiday)

17 February 2021

Good News! Classes resume 18 February

The Victoria Government has announced lockdown will be lifted 11:59pm tonight. The DOJO will reopen tomorrow, Thursday 18 February with all classes running as normal. We are elated!

12 February 2021

No Classes 13-17 February due to lockdown

The Victorian Government has announced a 5 day lockdown, starting 13 February. No classes will be delivered during this time. Classes will resume Thursday 17 February 2021.

25 January 2021

2021 Training Schedule

Our 2021 training schedule is now available to members as a handout in the DOJO (refer to it for upcoming quarterly grading dates).

25 January 2021

No classes Tuesday 26 January – public holiday

11 January 2021

Classes are on, despite the heat

The temperature is reaching 38 degrees here in Melbourne today. The DOJO is air-conditioned, so your training can continue.

7 January 2021

The DOJO reopens today

All classes are now running. Our 2021 schedule will be available in the DOJO soon.

17 November 2020

New Wednesday 5pm Class

New Wednesday 5pm Just for Kicks! class for 6-9 year olds, starts January 2021.

14 November 2020

Adult training

Adults can train with flexibility again! Thanks to the recent and further easing of restrictions, adults no longer need to nominate their preferred training day/s. Also, Unlimited training is back for adults (five days a week)!

8 November 2020

We are officially open!

Today is the day we received orders from the Victorian Government that indoor sport can resume! From Monday 9th November, OKUKAN DOJO will reopen and all classes will continue. This has been long-waited. Our students and parents have been diligent and patient, and now we can resume the things that are most dear to us. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

26 October 2020

Classes are likely to restart on November 9th!

Today’s news promised a reopening for us, and we are ready to go. The Victorian Government have advised we can expect to restart indoor classes on Monday 9th November!

25 October 2020

Seven months closed and counting….

The DOJO has been shut down for 31 weeks in a row today, nearing the eight month mark, as requested by the Victorian Government. We remain strong and look forward to opening the doors again.

2 July 2020

New DOJO reno

We have the electrical and removal teams arriving today. They are here to strip out most of the internal partitions, rewire electricals and open up the space we designed as the warm up area.

1 July 2020

New training mats

200 new tatami mats were delivered today.

1 July 2020

Offical securing of our awesome private DOJO

We had been planning on securing our new private DOJO for all of 2019. Then the pandemic came along and threatened to muck up our future.

With all fitness and indoor classes prohibited, the DOJO had to close down from 23 March. We went ahead anyway, securing the awesome private training premises. Now the renovations begin….

11 May 2020

Home training guide uploaded

New karate basics page uploaded. Sensei Sandra produced animations in response to COVID19 and the temporary closure of the DOJO, to help students who want to practice basic karate moves at home.

23 March 2020

Temporary close of DOJO

Temporary closure of the DOJO due to Government restrictions, in response to COVID19. All students have been contacted and advised there are no classes until further notice. All students’ tuition has been suspended immediately.

27 January 2020

Classes restart today!

Today is the first day of training for 2020! woohoo.

26 January 2020

No classes today due to the public holiday