I’m an adult but I have never done martial arts before. Sensei Sandra’s classes are suitable for beginners and no particular level of fitness is required. You’re welcome to book a free trial to have your first go at it. During your first year of practice you’ll learn strong foundations that will lead you all the way to black belt. We have prepared an outline of what can be expected in our karate classes. Follow this link.

Can I start martial arts lessons anytime, or should I wait until the beginning of a season? You are welcome to start training at anytime! The sooner the better, we say.

May I watch my children in class? Yes! There is seating in the karate training space for you to watch your children. We offer complete transparency and are very proud of our quality instruction, so please feel free to watch (quietly though folks).

Am I able to come in and watch a karate class before I book a trial lesson? Karate classes are private events intended solely for the viewing of student’s family and guest friends. As we maintain a safe and suitable training environment, we do not open classes to the public for viewing.

Where did Sensei learn karate? Sensei Sandra obtained her black belt as a direct student of Panamerican Shitoryu President Master Shoko Sato (8th Dan), after training in Venezuela for many years  Her most admired teacher there was Master Sato, but she also received instruction from a wide range of key teachers. While training in Venezuela she became an elite competitor, national champion in the specialty of ‘kata’ and member of the Venezuelan National Team. See more.

If I want to compete, how many hours of karate training should I do per week? Three or more lessons per week. But adult training programs and kids training programs for this purpose are individualised. Consultations to plan a specific training program are available for tournament prospects.

Do you spar in the karate classes / will there by fighting? Yes. There will be alternative activities for those who have no interest in sparring.

How do I enrol? Just fill out our online enrolment form, which can be found on our how to ‘enrol page’.

How do I buy a karate uniform? We organise uniforms for you, so do not worry. You’ll be able to select your uniform size on the online enrolment form. We embroider them and will have them ready for you before your first class. If you have already joined and are now ready to buy a uniform, just let us know by sending an sms or email and you can receive it at your next class.

Do I have to buy a uniform? No, you don’t have to buy a uniform. You can wear clothing suitable for the class, if you’d like, until you’re ready to take that next step. No rush whatsoever!

I already have a uniform. May I use it? You can use your current uniform if it is plain white with no logo. If your jacket has a logo of another school or style, please remove the logo or turn your jacket inside out.


How do you tie a karate belt? 

Is there free parking? We have plenty of free parking right outside our Dojo. We value plentiful and easy parking!

I am an adult and would like to stop training. May I stop tuition and return to training in the future?  Of course. Please give at least fourteen days notice (via email) if you would like to stop training/tuition.

My child will be going away for one or two weeks and I want to make sure I don’t pay for those classes.  Tuition enables your child’s place in the class to be reserved and cannot be ‘adjusted’ or ‘deferred’ if a class is not attended. The minimum commitment we require for training/tuition is once-per week.

My child missed a class.  What happens now? We encourage regular and sustained attendance. We do not refund, roll-over, run additional classes or allow students to join other classes to make up for any classes they have missed.

Tell me about pricing. Tuition is four-weekly as a recurring charge. There is no contact and there are no cancellation fees. Please contact us for more information about our pricing.

Do you offer family discounts? Yes! Family discounts are offered for spouses/partners, siblings and full-time students upon enrolment. We also offer tuition discounts for two or more family members who are training, (includes partners), and full-time students receive 10% off tuition fees.

What are your payment methods? We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as visa debit card and debit mastercard. visa, mastercard and american express logos

Will my credit card details be safe? Yes. Our website is secure and you can make a secure payment from our site. You know our website is secure because our URL begins with ‘https://’ and not ‘http://’. The ‘s’ refers to the fact that the site has active Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, creating a secure and encrypted connection on the internet. You will also see a padlock symbol either in the address bar or in a corner of your browser window, depending on which browser or browser version you are using. If you don’t see these two things on a website, it means it is not secure and you should not make a purchase from it. In addition to this, we use Stripe as our payment platform. Stripe uses technology called Stripe.js, which means that your credit or debit card information is never sent to our server. Instead, data is sent directly to Stripe, who maintains the highest and most stringent level of internet security: they are certified PCI Service Provider Level 1.

My Amex card doesn’t have a CVC / CVV code. What do I do? If you would like to pay using American Express but your card is without a CVC, enter ‘000’ instead. Alternatively, some AMEX cards have a four-digit CVC/CVV code on the front of the card.