OKUKAN’s RETURN TO TRAINING COVIDSafe PLAN: For students and visitors.

Last updated 11 October 2021.


This Plan was created to help prevent new cases of COVID-19 as we returned to training in 2020. It has since been updated for a return to training once 80% double dose vaccinations for 16yrs+ have been reached in Victoria.

We closed to the public on the 23rd of March-9 November, 2020, due to lockdown. During this time, we invested in the renovation of a new-brand space. This Plan refers to the implementation of rules within this new space; referred herein as: DOJO.

OKUKAN will no longer be delivering classes within shared premises other than the DOJO (i.e. no gyms, schools, halls, incursions, etc). 

SENSEI and Meg are exclusively dedicated to the DOJO and will not be travelling or partaking in gatherings or social environments that may place a higher risk on the health of students.

If you are actively training in the DOJO and are diagnosed with COVID-19, contact us immediately.


• Students must wear a clean uniform every time they attend.

• Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the DOJO. Students must use it as they enter the building.

• We have spare face masks available if students or visitors need them.

• We take hygiene seriously. In the unlikely event that our COVID-19 coordinator (SENSEI) sees a student is unwell or is not keeping good hygiene practices, that student will be asked to return when their symptoms have resolved or when good hygiene practices can be met.


• Student numbers per class are micromanaged. Maximum number will follow government regulation at the time of training.

• Number of people allowed in the building will be limited, as per government regulation at the time of training.

• Pigeon holes for personal belongings will be distanced. There will be two pigeon holes every 1.5 mts.

• 5 individual changing booths are available for those unable to change beforehand. Students may also use our 2 individual gendered bathroom areas to change.


• Until government states otherwise, students (over 12 years of age) and parents must wear facemarks indoors.  Facemarks do not need to be worn during class for vigorous exercise, but they need to remain on you and worn as soon as class finishes. Children 12 years and under do not need to wear a face mask.

• If possible, students should change at home before they come to class. Otherwise, individual changing booths are available to students.

• Sensei may decide to temporarily cease ‘KARATE shouting’ during class (no KIAI). 

• Students must bring their own water bottle, although water is available.

• Students must not share their equipment or water bottle. They will keep those close by during training to lessen movement and risk of contact.

• Bow before and after class will be distanced.

BUILDING: Access and traffic.

• Signage to encourage distancing is visible in common areas.

• Students and visitors are asked to avoid social gathering.

• Students may warm-up in any of our training areas before class or cool-down after class, provided cap number of people is observed.

• Students are encouraged to only stay in the building for warm up, training and cool-down.

• There will be a 10 min gap between classes for the time being.


• We keep a manual and a digital attendance record for every student in every class. These may be used for contact tracing by health authorities if deemed necessary.


• Cleaning and disinfecting of doorknobs, light switches, table tops, kitchen surfaces and toilets will be undertaken twice daily.

• Flooring in training areas and in common areas will be disinfected daily.

• DOJO training equipment will be sanitised after each and every use.


• Visitors (including guardians and trials) to sign-in if coming into the building to watch a class. Details include: name, time, and phone number.

• No family members or friends are allowed to stay to watch a class, unless:

1) It is a Kindy Karate student or trial (1 parent per student allowed), or

2) they are family members participating in consecutive classes.


• Communication clutter will be avoided within the building to prioritise COVID-related signage.


• Students and visitors are asked to refrain from entering the building if they are suffering COVID-like symptoms (runny nose, cough, etc), and must not return until symptoms resolve. It is a serious offence within our school to break this rule.


• The DOJO will follow protocol recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria.

• Staff will get tested and OKUKAN will resume activities only after results confirm negative for COVID-19.

• All close contacts within the DOJO cohort of students and visitors will be notified and asked to get tested for COVID-19.

• Students may resume training once testing and/or quarantine orders have been satisfactorily completed as per government advice at the time of the incident.

Read about our COVIDSafe guidelines for students.