Japanese Karate classes for Adults

Adult Karate Classes in Melbourne

OKUKAN DOJO is a genuine place of learning and training. Adult beginners are welcomed onto the tatami to learn, grow and be challenged.

If you have never done karate or martial arts, it’s ok! Our adult martial arts classes require no previous karate experience. 

The first few karate lessons will give you and opportunity to get a feel for in-Dojo training. You will learn basic Karate techniques in the first few classes, as well as your first form (KATA). 

If you have martial arts experience or have attained a rank equivalent to black belt, that’s ok! Our adult karate classes will allow you to understand the differences (and similarities) between your martial art and Shito-Ryu Karate. In the process of deepening your understanding, you will also be able to technically reshape, to show a level of expertise in Shito-Ryu Karate-Do.

Adult karate classes are delivered five nights a week, continuously throughout the year, by Head Sensei Sandra Contreras.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Adult Karate Classes • Structure

Zarei: Opening and Closing Ceremony

• Warm Up: Traditional, generic karate warmup.

• Kihon: The practice of karate basics, in place.

• IdoKihon: The practice of karate basics, whilst moving.

• Kata: The practice of patterns.

• Ippon Kumite: Pre-arranged defence against single attacks.

• Self-Defence: The practice of responding to unexpected threat.

• Jiju Kumite: Free sparring.

• Cool Down: Students are encouraged to take time after class to cool down.

martial arts karate

Martial Arts Karate at OKUKAN

Karate is a technical sport that can be started as an adult, learnt over time, and practiced throughout ones life.

Karate as a martial art enriches ones life. Karate provides physical benefits (such as improved strength, balance, coordination and flexibility), mental clarity and stress release. It is a stimulating form of exercise for those who get bored in the gym, but it is also so much more.

There are many benefits of practicing karate. Karate is an effective form of self defense, but it is also a great workout and stress reliever. Karate for adults is a great way to get fit and healthy! Regular exercise ensures we remain healthy, supporting our backs and prolonging health, not to mention making us feel generally inspired and motivated.

Adult karate is a great all-round workout.

Karate uses all muscle groups and a variety of concentric exercises, so as muscles contract they also extend, giving that lean look, while also building strength and speed. Karate in particular helps legs grow strong, increases speed times and improves explosive strength.

Regular karate training and its anaerobic training has been proven to slowdown the deterioration of cognitive functioning in old age. Evidence shows that the combination of anaerobic exercise and movements requiring coordination and balance, maintains or improves cognitive functioning.

Studies have found karate helps to enhance attention, resilience and motor reaction time, proving that five months of regular karate training yields ‘a significant improvement in motor reactivity, stress tolerance and divided attention’.

Longer karate training periods produce even better results, which means regular, sustained training is even healthier that one might think.

We encourage adults of all ages to start karate with us.

Martial Arts Grading (karate for adults)

Martial arts karate grading

Students’ development is progressively assessed during training. As with most modern martial arts, our karate school has a grading system to symbolise stages of learning. Students are individually advised (in the DOJO by the teacher) when they are ready for grading. There are a few interrelated aspects that are emphasised upon for understanding when an OKUKAN karate member is ready for grading. These include training rhythm, technical aspects, and spirit and behaviour.

Grading guides for coloured belts are available online for members of the dojo.

Have you ever done the the martial art of karate before? Are you a total beginner?

A 9th Kyu is granted a white karate belt. This is the first of the karate belt series that students get at the very beginning of training, along with a karate uniform. The white belt represents nothingness. It is the place where karate-ka experience ‘the spirit of first beginning’ which, as stated in Shitoryu’s Five Way Spirit, should never be forgotten (Ishi. Shochin wasureru nakare). In terms of natural evolution, the white belt would be a metaphor for an empty universe.

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