OKUKAN Karate in Collingwood 

Martial arts lessons for adults and kids in Collingwood! 

How close are our karate lessons to Collingwood?  We teach karate just up the road, in Clifton Hill (at the Collingwood Leisure Centre).

We offer family lessons in Collingwood.  We are a family friendly dojo, meaning Sensei Sandra is a compassionate, exemplary teacher, and delivers lessons for children from as young as 3 years old (in our Kindy Karate program), as well as adults.  Our adult martial arts lessons are suitable for beginners, so if you’ve always wanted to learn karate or a martial art, you’ve finally found the right teacher. Come along for a free trial lesson!

Who is the teacher? Sensei Sandra teaches all of the lessons. She is a former champion and athlete of the year, is an accredited coach and is a Referee and Judge for the Australian Karate Federation and a fantastic teacher. For an overview of her karate experience, click here.

Finding yourself wanting more adult classes in Collingwood? Do not worry, new adult classes are coming soon! Shoot us an email so we can let you know when they have arrived (limited places available unfortunately!).

Adult Karate

Karate for Grownups

When? Fridays 6:45pm
Want More? More adult sessions coming soon

Where? Collingwood Leisure Centre
2-28 Turnbull Street, Clifton Hill

Kids Karate

Karate for Kids

When? Mondays 4pm
When? Wednesday 4pm
When? Fridays 4pm
When? More classes coming soon….

Where? Collingwood Leisure Centre
2-28 Turnbull Street, Clifton Hill (cnr Hoddle St!)

Book a free trial lesson….learn ‘real’ karate!

Karate is great for your health, self confidence, for self defence and for stress release…
Be part of the OKUKAN karate family!